About Pikolinos

Life is a long trip, get comfy.

Pikolinos is a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world. It is the search for happiness that always begins with the comfort of our creations: make yourself comfortable and let happiness begin at your feet. Pikolinos has its own unique character and style. Its history makes it authentic and its legacy aspires to be timeless. Pikolinos is faithful to its origins yet is also committed to innovation. Unconventional by nature, Pikolinos reinterprets trends in aspiration to be unique and original without being outlandish. The leather takes center stage in Pikolinos creations. Premium quality leather is Pikolinos guarantee of excellence, they treat it themselves and is 100% additive free. Pikolinos takes the greatest care over every artisan process, that is the hallmark that has turned them into an internationally renowned brand with a strong commitment to comfort fashion.

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